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No Festivals this year, no problem! We'll take you FESTIN ON A BUS!

If you are looking for a fun & safe way to celebrate your favorite festival, look no further! Grab your Covid-19 family & reserve your unique festin experience, customized by you!

A portion of proceeds benefit the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, who is dedicated to supporting Louisiana’s hospitality industry workforce.

Call 504.267.0662 to book your experience!  

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Tours are available year-round!


  • Round trip transportation

  • Three (3) hour private customized tour with stops at multiple hotel rooftops for a fantastic view of the city

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided

  • Two (2) - Three (3) Stops along the way for food, beverage & restrooms that fit into your festival

  • NOLA DMC Staff person will ride with the group

  • Complete pre-event and on-site management by NOLA DMC

  • All Taxes are included


  • Masks must be worn on all transportation

  • All Food & Beverage paid directly by guests


Transportation options: 

  • Basic Mini Coach - From $50 per person with a MINIMUM group of 15 guests ($750 total)

  • Basic SUV - From $125 per person with a MINIMUM group of 5 guests ($625 total)

  • Limousine - From $95 per person with a MINUMUM group of 8 guests ($760 total)

  • Limo Sprinter - From $89 per person with a MINIMUM group of 10 guests ($890 total)

  • Streetcar bus - From $77 per person with a MINIMUM group of 20 guests ($1,540 total)


Enhancement options:

  • New Orleans Professional Tour Guide

  • Custom-made cups, beads, etc.

  • Mardi Gras Beads/Feather Boas/Mardi Gras Masks

  • Decorations for your transportation option and festival 

  • Prices based on availability

  • Specialty cocktails for the ride

Book Your Experience!

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