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If you are looking for a fun & safe way to celebrate the holidays this year, look no further! Grab your Covid-19 family & reserve your unique private tour of the most beautifully decorated hotel lobbies, with private transportation.  This is a fun and safe way to celebrate the holidays and support our friends, neighbors, and locally owned businesses?!

A portion of proceeds benefit the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, who is dedicated to supporting Louisiana’s hospitality industry workforce.

Call 504.267.0662 to book your experience! Tour experience will come to an end on Monday, January 3, 2022. 

*Photo credit: Paul Broussard, via The Roosevelt Hotel

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Tours are available from Friday, November 26, 2021 through Thursday, January 6, 2022


  • Round trip transportation

  • Three (3) hour private customized tour with stops at multiple hotel lobbies

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided

  • Two (2) - Three (3) Stops along the way for food, beverage & restrooms

  • NOLA DMC Staff person will ride with the group

  • Complete pre-event and on-site management by NOLA DMC

  • Holiday music on the vehicle

  • All taxes are included


  • All Food & Beverage paid directly by guests

  • Masks must be worn on all transportation


Transportation options: 

  • Basic Mini Coach - From $50 per person with a MINIMUM group of 15 guests ($750 total)

  • Basic SUV - From $125 per person with a MINIMUM group of 5 guests ($625 total)

  • Limousine - From $95 per person with a MINUMUM group of 8 guests ($760 total)

  • Limo Sprinter - From $89 per person with a MINIMUM group of 10 guests ($890 total)

  • Streetcar bus - From $77 per person with a MINIMUM group of 20 guests ($1,540 total)


Enhancement options:

  • New Orleans Professional Tour Guide

  • Visit from Santa

  • Visit from Santa with small gifts for children

  • Holiday cookies and cocoa with personalized cups

  • Custom-made cups, beads, etc.

  • Holiday Decorations for your transportation option 

  • Ride through Celebration in the Oaks - SUV's or LIMOS ONLY

  • Prices based on availability

  • Holiday cocktails at each stop

Book Your Experience!

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